Sail Maker for Ultralight & Light Sport aircraft

Dacron'Air's specialty is manufacturing wing for ultralight aircraft. We use the best techniques of sewing and assembly, using custom or original patterns we have available.

We are the exclusive supplier for several models like Beaver RX550, Chinook and Spitfire II ultralights. We also supply Aircraft spruce, ASAP Inc. and others.


In the past we used to improve our facility and worked on tools driven by computers to cut and mark parts to guarantee the quality of our sails.

It is with concern that we make your sails, because your safety depends on it. And seriously.


Your wing is what is most important on your airplane. His condition makes your safety. If it has deteriorated by UV rays and/or weather it is not 100% effective. That means it's not airworthy.

Replace your sail

It may seem complex to replace your sail; it's not. The 'Ceconite' may seem simple and easy again, it's not alwayse the case. However, if your plane is equipped with a Dacron sailcloth, it is easier to keep the same type and replacement may be done in less than a day.